Product Information

About the Flask

H2O Hipp Flask Water is designed to fit with your lifestyle. The classic "military canteen" bottle shape is designed around the principle of portability and utilization of space. The flask fits easily into your pocket, lunchbox or small bag ... wherever & whenever you need water in a confined storage space. A stylish clip can be attached to the H2O Hipp Flask to slip onto your belt.

About the Water

Our water is supplied and bottled by Coastal Springs, who have been supplying natural spring water since the 1930's and has been bottling water commercially since 1988. Coastal Springs is surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine national park at Kulnura on the NSW, Central Coast Highlands of Australia, and all bottling is done directly above the springs.

Coastal Springs bottles the spring water as naturally and safely as possible, in strict accordance with the Australian Organic Code thereby ensuring it’s purity, quality and natural integrity. Our natural spring water from Coastal Springs is registered with the Biological Farmers Association (BFA).

H2O Hipp Twisters : Product Information

Natural Spring Water with a fruit flavoured twist. NO preservatives, NO artificial colour and absolutely NO weak flavours allowed! Hipp Twisters deliver a truly delicious flavour hit to quench your thirst.

H2O Hipp Twisters Lemon & Lime 375ml
Cool & refreshing with a tantalising twist of lemon & lime. A robust flavour profile to be enjoyed by all.

H2O Hipp Twisters Raspberry & Pomegranate 375ml
Cool & refreshing with a tantalising twist of raspberry & pomegranate. A very popular combination of flavours that tastes exquisite.

COMING SOON : New flavour twists to tantalise your tastebuds.